Jansen UK Ltd are UK dealers for SKOV ventilation equipment.

SKOV A/S are the international market leader in ventilation equipment and farm management systems, having been manufacturing ventilation systems for poultry production for over 40 years and have a staff of more than 450 dedicated employees worldwide.

Whether producing broilers, layers or parent stock, the house climate is paramount for animal growth, as the animals will not give optimum yield unless several essential parameters are in order. SKOV ventilation systems cater for all production types and climate conditions, dimensioned to ensure the best environment and climate for your flock.

Jansen UK also believe strongly in service and support, utilising a networked team of ventilation service partners covering nationwide, this coupled with a large variety of SKOV’s spare parts catalogue stocked at our warehouse facility in Tiverton, Devon, we look forward to supporting all customers, old and new.