Systems from Jansen Poultry Equipment for the breeder sector are designed with the goal of producing the maximum number of eggs with a high hatching percentage. Hygiene, nest acceptance and careful handling of the eggs are essential factors for good production.

Broiler Management


Jansen Poultry Equipment offers a total concept for maximum production of broilers with outstanding meat quality. Both the BroMaxx colony system and the various harvesting methods result in efficient, labour-saving broiler production.


Jansen Poultry Equipment systems for the laying sector were developed with the goal of achieving maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining quality. All systems are built with carefully selected and tested materials and construction techniques. This is essential to attaining the best results.

Emission Reduction

Emission systems from Jansen reduce fine dust, ammonia and odour with minimal energy consumption. This is the only way to reduce the entire carbon footprint.