This investment in their farm, consolidates their interests in free range egg production and allows them to further improve efficiency on their multi-age site.

Making the change from flat-deck to multi-tier was a game changer – they would never go back – management of the birds is so much easier, feather cover is now fantastic and ammonia levels are reduced too.

The system installed is a Comfort 2.0 Multi-tier system.  Charles and Tom were pleased with the great service from Jansen UK and found the system easy to manage with better control of the birds.

Comfort 2 Multi-tier

The systems installed include Hydor ventilation systems with roof and wall fans for cross ventilation as well as automatic pop holes.

What particularly pleased Charles and Tom was the new nest box design in the Jansen system, as the floor lifts rather having a separate nest box expeller. The curtains also roll up reducing the number of places the hens can hide at night and the single bar perch design also reduces muck accumulating underneath.