Jansen UK are pleased to announce they have commenced installation of 4 lines of Comfort2 aviary system for Andrew Maines of PW Maines Limited.
This is an expansion project for one of Andrew’s customers who is increasing his production by 32,000 birds. The installation/site is near Bourne, Lincolnshire. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing updates as the project progresses.
PW Maines Limited and Jansen UK have partnered closely for over 10 years installing solutions for UK wide free range egg producers. Andrew (PW Maines Limited) is bringing all the key components together with ourselves, which include,
• Solution design
• Ventilation and remote accessible controls
• LED Lighting
• Silo and Augers
• Electrical services


PW Maines Limited are renowned for their attention to detail, bird management and project design skills and we are proud of our history of close collaboration.